Walden Surf Boards are highly respected in the longboarding world, they also produce some unique shorter hybrid surfboards perfect for maximising smaller weaker surf such as the

walden CD-4. This model can be ridden as a quad or thruster and makes average surf fun again.


New for 2012 is the Walden Magic Model Longboard series incorporating the very latest technology and materials. Using premium quality EPS cores and carbon fibre rail surrounds this new breed of surfboard is both lightweight and strong whilst maintaining maximum maneuverability and spring through turns. The carbonfibre rails protect against dings whilst providing the perfect amount of flex, the board will react more quickly to rider input and create more speed and drive through turns and critical sections. This Fibreflex technology turns a tried and tested walden magic model into a stronger, lighter more responsive longboard which will benifit any surfer, in any conditions regardless of ability. Pre-order yours now!