Slater Designs is the new surfboard design company from 11 time world champion Kelly Slater. Slater Design Surfboards are by far the most anticipated surfboards the world has ever seen and here at Secret Spot, we stock the whole range! The range of Slater Surfboards include the collaboration with Tomo surfboards - the Omni - which is a versatile daily surfboard and ready to fly in almost anything. Another Tomo surfboard collab - the Sci Phi - a small wave beast designed to up the ante in tiny waves. The final board in the range is from Webber - the Banana - a high performance classic Kelly board for good waves, the perfect board for your Indo trip. All of the surfboards from Slater Design are constructed in conjuction with Firewire surfboards using their awesome LFT technolog and entropy bio resin. This means the boards are not just visionary in shape, but also visionary in eco and preserving the planet. Slate Designs, undoubtably something the world has been waiting for.

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