Our range of 7S Superfish is unmatched in Europe, we have the most complete range of constructions and finshes to suit any surfer. Wether you're looking for a board to help the most inexperienced surfer get their sea legs or for the seasoned waterman/women who wish to progress, then the Super Fish from 7S Surfboards is ideal for you. The classic outline and step down rails help with the basic water tasks such as turns and duck diving whilst the flost and finish allows the surfer to catch waves with ease. These boards are truly special water craft which put the fun back into surfing for millions worldwide. Try the Superfish now which fast UK and European delivery from Secret Spot Surf Shop.
The Superfish also comes in range of constructions to suit the technology minded. The Fibre Flex leads on from the FutureFlex and gives you a board which is not only super light but super strong too. The Fibre Flex is an epoxy composite which is designed to give the board a light feeling whilst maintaining major strength. The PE model is a polyurethene core with epoxy resin to give you a light and exciting board which combines the best in the two surfboard-favourite materials. The Poly model is a modern take on the classic surfboard construction which provides a reliable feel and solid movement in the water. All three constructions are tried and tested the world over to give you the best surfing experience possible, no matter what level you're at.
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