ROCKERS - 'The curve of the surfboard bottom from nose to tail viewed from the side. Probably the single most important factor in surfboard design, because it controls the general flow of water from its entry to its release.' DELUXE - 'Luxurious or sumptuous; of a superior kind.' 
Rockers*Deluxe present a range of retro/modern surfboards & apparel inspired by 50's kustom kulture & surf heritage. Our boards have one foot in the past with classic shapes but customised for the here & now for ultimate performance. Designed by us and hand crafted by our master shaper, our boards are created to represent modern design & heritage in equal measure. We use the best materials available and all boards are built in the UK & tried and tested in the freezing cold temperatures of the North sea. Our range of apparel is designed to go hand in hand with our board models utilizing the individual board logos and incorporating classic fits from the 50's/60's.


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