Ocean and Earth make hardcore surf accessories for the dedicated surfer. These surf products are durable and long lasting, everything a surfer could need in this day and age!


If you're looking for a good solid, strong leash, you might want to direct your attention to the popular "One" leashes which are made with a single technology thus less chance of breaking. 6ft Premium One Leash is billed as 'the world's strongest leash' - a tall promise, however it's justfied as the one technology, single movement backs this fact. These leashes are available in all sizes. 

The tail pad range is equally as infamous. Ocean and Earth use the finest in 3M adhesives to make sure that that your surf traction isn't going anywhere! The FLATROCK  deck grip is a classic shaped tail pad at a very good price point, perfect for a nice simple clean look to that new (or old) surfboard. We also stock the pro TEAM and OWEN WRIGHT range, all with solid arch and diamond pattern technology, you won't put a (back) foot wrong with these.

Speaking of back foot, with about your front foot? Well, Ocean and Earth have covered that as well! Imagine never having to wax your board up again, well O&E have brought back the CENTRE DECK which will cover the top end of your surfboard and provide you with all the traction you will need, pair it up with a tail pad and BOOM, no wax!


For all the surf yuppies out there, Ocean and Earth have given you a lifeline to the office, presenting the iPhone Waterproof Case! This is a fully waterproof casing for your iPhone 4/4S with a silicone screen which makes it fully functional in the water, never miss a text and update your Facebook status while in the lineup! Comes with a string attachment so you won't lose it, we think this iPhone waterproof case is genius!

Have a browse through our range, I'm sure you'll agree, even after all these years, Ocean and Earth still makes the best surf products on the planet.


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