Future Fins arrived on the market with a bang with some new exotic fin materials and shapes such as their popular hatchet fin13872. They fit their fin boxes into the boards before glassing (stronger than glassing a board then drilling and fitting afterwards) with the lateral long plug and fin base providing a perfect combination of strength and flex very true to what you would expect from glass on fins.


Working closely with both world class shapers and surfers has allowed for some Fin collaborations such as the RTM Tokoro fins as riden by wonder kid Clay Marzo and the unique but beautiful  VF Futures Rasta Keel Fins with hexlite core and a partnership with the Sea Shepherd charity programme where profit donations are made to aid the protection of endangered sea mammals.


Through design experimentation and innovation Future have quickly joined ranks with the other main players in the removable fin industry and are keen to promote their "under the feet research" program where the whole team test and trial fins before they reach the satisfied customer. They are certainly some of the most expensive surfboard fins on the market, but then like most things in life, you get what you pay for...



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