Ding all surfboard repair is a simple but effective putty for instant ding repair. The duel layer is simple kneaded together to a uniform grey after tearing off the required amount and forced into the area to be repaired. Remove the excess whilst still plyable and leave to go hard. The repair can be left smooth and raised for last minute repairs and water proofing or sanded / cut back for a perfect smooth finish.


This product is magic, no extra catalyist or sunlight is required and repairs will be rock hard in around 5 minutes and can be painted over when dry. Its easy to fix your own surfboard, rebuilding can be done in stages for bigger jobs and Ding all has many other uses. It can fill voids in walls and be drilled and plugged, it will even go off underwater making it ideal for use outdoors and in the sailing world.


Small enough to put in your pocket, but better off in your glove box or travel bag for instant no mess ding repair abroard and at home, when you need to get wet but the hole in your surfboard does'nt...

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