BRSH Collective - Individual No 1 Toothbrush (Blue)

100% sustainable, 100% biodegradable handle and an Ergonomic design are the order of the day from BRSH collective. These toothbrushes are an awesome little invention. This are strudy, strong and when you are finished with them you can bury them! Amazing huh!? So throw away the destructive plastic toothbrushes and show your teeth, and the planet, some love.

Product Code: 22617
Price: £4.99

Product Information

BRSH Collective was formed by a group of like minded people who want to rid the world of damaging plastic waste. Toothbrushes are harmful in manufacture and in disposal, so the new 100% biogradable BRSH toothbrush is a welcome addition to the daily ritual. Brushing your teeth need not be damaging to our world, grab yourself a BRSH and make that smile wider!


- 100% sustainable

- 100% biodegradable handle (Moso Bamboo)

- Ergonomic design

- Dentist approved

- Medium flex

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