Mr. Zogs - Sex Wax Candle (Coconut // x18)

Sex Wax is well known throughout the world for having excellent surf wax, not to mention the most excellent smell. Now you can burn the unmistakeable scent at home with this awesome candle. It comes in a 4 ounce glass jar and can last up to 30 hours or more.

Product Code: 23077
Price: £10.95

Product Information

Want the unforgettable scent of Sex Wax at home? Then look no further at this awesome candle! Burns for 30 or more and will leave your house smelling like the awesome scent.


- Lead free wick

- 4 ounce clear glass jar

- Long lasting flame for up to 30 hours or more

Customer Reviews
  • So nice to get the smell of sex wax in your own home. The design is great, and it works better than febreze. Thanks Secretspot
    24/Sep/2014 | Jayne Anderson, Sheffield, UK
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