Ocean and Earth - iPhone Waterproof Case (N/A)

Keep your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S safe in the water! Pop it down your wetsuit, keep it dry and never miss a text while on a surf.
Product Code: 15947
Sale Price: £14.00
RRP: £28.00

Product Information

Ocean and Earth deck surf accessories are famed as the world's best product for surf related goods, for good reason too! Ocean and Earth have been hooking up the worlds best surfers with the safest and most practical products on the market for years.

Customer Reviews
  • Works great,managed to keep my Iphone dry for 2 weeks on the beach in Barbados.Great Idea!
    24/Apr/2012 | Sally Grice,Pontefract,Uk
  • Sweeet idea,works as well.
    26/Apr/2012 | Harry Wilson,Gwenver,Wales
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