Uppercut Deluxe - Featherweight Pomade (N/A)

Uppercut Deluxe have been a staple in barbershops around the world for years. Originally out of OZ, Uppercut have formulated the finest hair styling products money can buy due to an old family recipe. If you're looking for the finest in hair supplies, then look no further.

The Featherweight Pomade isn't as featherweight as described, this stuff still holds awesome! It has a dry finish and gives a natural look. It's water soluble so it won't stick in your hair for days and is a great daily styling pomade.

Product Code: 20461
Price: £14.49

Product Information

If you're looking to spruce up your do, then Uppercut is the way to do it. You might have seen James Dean and wanted a similar Pompadour but your regular wax won't allow it, well Uppercut Deluxe is made for such stylings. So show your hair some love while you have it and give it a coating of Uppercut, your hair will thank you.


- Water soluble

- Suitable for all styles and hair types

- Versatile pomade

- 2.5oz

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