Obey - Circle Patch Beanie (Navy)

Back for another season of war against the conforming, Obey is killing everything in it's path. The renegade brand and brainchild of Shepherd Fairey is becoming somewhat of an enigma with the industry. The bold prints and statements allow Obey to be placed into a realm of it's own, wear with care...

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Product Information

Join the resistance! Obey have been knocking down the doors of conformatity and modernisation for years. Hailing from the graffiti background of Shepherd Fairey and his daring and blatant war on consumerism with the OBEY typeface. Now a worldwide brand with a range that's bigger than your average, Obey Clothing have moved the boundries further and further with their incredibly popular snapbacks, tees and hoods as well as a premium cut and sew range.


- 100% Acrylic


- Color: Navy.

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