Iron & Resin - Camp Mug (Red)

Iron and Resin returns to SecretSpot for another season. This Spring/Summer sees Iron and Resin focus on travelling and the art of Freedom. This is all presented insanely well through their Tees, Crews Caps and even Bandans and Camp Mugs. Iron and Resin have got you covered for a life on the road...

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Price: £14.00

Product Information

Iron and Resin are forged in California, where beards and bikes ride through the night, bowls are well shreded and the surf is pumping daily. The bottled up feeling sadly can't be sold, but Iron and Resin do a pretty good job of allowing you to wear it! The Freedom Riders of California's only religion is the one where fun is god and coast is the church. The oil stained roads, the dust and the burning sun make up what Iron and Resin live for, the collective of artists and one off's and taking the long way home. Available now here at Secretspot.

- Thick Gauge Steel with Double Coated High Gloss Enamel

- Stainless Steel Rim

- Essential For Adventures

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