Poler Stuff - Camp Mug (Camo/4820)

The ever famous Poler Camp Mugs have finally landed at Secret Spot. The Camp Mug from Poler is one of Poler's most signature items, just like the Napsack, it echoes what Poler are all about. Camp Vibes of course! The Camp Mug has a stell lip and is made from enamel, super easy to clean and super cool. The Camp Mug is ready for any adventure!

Product Code: 25174
Price: £7.50

Product Information

Poler Stuff is a brand designed for the everyday adventurer. The normal guy whose daily awesomeness warrants a similar type of style. Poler Stuff makes quality garments which combine form and function like no other brand out there. From the incredibly useful Napsack for lounging around the house, to the ultimate camping buddy the Burner Bag, Poler Stuff are dedicated to providing you the finest in functional products which will last and look good. Shop Poler Stuff today at SecretSpot, we have a huge range from T Shirts to sweat to everything in between!

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