Dickies - Orcutt Belt (Camo/DS17)

The Orcutt belt from Dickies is a traditional webbed belt, that won't break the bank balance. If you're after a decent, durable belt look no further than the Dickies Orcutt Belt!
Product Code: 27754
Price: £12.50

Product Information

Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company, more commonly referred to as the brand Dickies, is originally an American company headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas that manufactures and sells work-related clothing and other accessories. Dickies has evolved from it's Texan days into a well known and established brand. Dickies still stay true to their roots though, each pair of pants, shirt or tee have been designed with their workwear ethic in mind meaning all their garments are manufactured to perfection! We're proud to be finally stocking Dickies!

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