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Scarborough and Cayton Bay Surf Forecast  (Last updated: Monday 13/08/2018)

Presently around 1 - 1.5 feet . The swell should pick up a bit last light folks. Tuesday looks like clean lined up surf around 2 feet and possibly still around wednesday morning first light before slowly dropping away throughout the day .

Forecast Date Wave Conditions Swell Direction Swell Size Wind Direction Wind Speed High Tide AM High Tide PM
Monday 13th August

Small surf currently around 1.5 feet . Wind is forecasted to be light onshore but if it drops last light you might get a cheeky session in if your lucky. Check the cams last hour or two before dark .

NNE 1.5 feet NNW 8 - 12 mph 6.19 6.1m 6.52 6.0m
Tuesday 14th August

Looks like the best day of the forecast period with around 2 feet of clean peaky lined up surf. Conditions should remain constant all day . Very large tides so timing will be crucial to get the best conditions.

NNE 2 feet SW 12 - 16 mph 7.04 6.1m 7.39 6.0m
Wednesday 15th August

A chance of a clean small wave first light before the swell fades away slowly through the day today. Get in early for the best chance of a wave.

NNE 1-2 feet dropping fast SW 14 - 18 mph 7.50 6.0m 8.21 5.8m
Thursday 16th August

Poor outlook with little or no surf .

N flat - 1 foot SW 6 - 10 mph 8.34 5.8m 9.09 5.5m

poor outlook today with little or no surf. 

E TBA SSW 10 - 15 mph TBA TBA


All times are GMT except Mar 27 - Oct 29 which are British Summer Time
This Surf Forecast is for the Scarborough area covering North Bay, South Bay and Cayton Bay and is based entirely on our knowledge of the local area.


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