Hire Centre

Here at Secretspot we offer full kit hire, year round through our Cayton Hire Centre based above the beach at Cayton Bay.

All of our wetsuits and accessories are suitable for both summer and winter use with standard wetsuit hire including both boots and gloves if required and also hire hoods through the winter months. We offer either 2.5hrs hire for a set price (see below) or full day hire which can let you pick and choose the best times to get in through the day. You can also hire kit for a few days so be sure to ask for prices for longer hire periods.

Sometimes conditions may favour another beach in the area, so you are welcome to take our kit and surf elsewhere, you would however have to leave some form of I.D or we'll send Tomo to sniff you out!

You don't normally need to pre-book but we would recommend giving us some notice if you require hire for a large group on a weekend or during the holiday period.

At our Cayton Hire Shop we have ample parking (£2 all day), free hot showers year round, hot and cold drinks, snacks, toilets and changing facilities. Not to mention one of the most consistent beach breaks in the area which works at all stages of tides and also is one of the few beaches on the coast with good conditions at full high.


Board Rental £12.00 - 2.5hrs
£18.00 - per day
Suit Rental £12.00 - 2.5hrs (includes boots and gloves)
£18.00 - per day
Board + Suit Package £22.50 - 2.5hrs (includes all equipment)
£32.50 - per day
Paddle board £15.00 - 2.5hrs
£20.00 - per day
Gloves £4.00 - 2.5hrs  
Boots £4.00 - 2.5hrs  
Hood £4.00 - 2.5hrs  

If you are thinking of coming to hire some gear make sure to check out the surf forecast first so you can plan your trip around the best day and also to get the size and time of the tides. We also have a free webcam service. Be sure to check our regular updates on Magic Seaweed under the Cayton Bay or North Bay beaches where you'll find a fresh daily forecast and a picture of the conditions. You can always call either shop for a quick surf check too...