Twins - It's What We All Dream of...Right?!

 The greatest change you may never have considered – twin fins, Keel fins or a 2+1 set. Often poo-pooed away as a hipster move, but if you’ve ever tried a twin set up then you will understand the feeling we are about to bang on about. The speed down the line is like nothing else, and the looseness of feeling through turns is unreal. With huge grip when pushed but a super predictable release off the top, it really is a great way to transform your riding in the weaker surf and open up closeout sections with ease. If you’re not ready to go full twinny then a 2+1 set offers a lot of these great acceleration and speed benefits, whilst adding a lot more pivot ability than your current set up. I mean we have all see Rob Machado’s crazy fast and loose style when riding his twin set ups (if you haven’t then watch this Youtube Clip), so maybe it is time to join in on the fun (as it is 100% the fins and not Machado that is making it all so fluid and stylish...).


Whether you run FCSII or Futures, here’s a rundown of our top picks.


FCSII Power Twin


The largest twinset FCS make, these fins crave being pushed hard and will respond with great acceleration and speed. With quite a wide base, these fins have been made relatively short in their depth to maintain their manoeuvrability and looseness off the top. A great way to mix up the way your Fish, Funboard or twin fin board rides.

Futures Akila Aipa Twin


Bet you never thought you could get a high performance ride out of a twin set? The Akila Twin fins are much taller than most twinsets, matched with their wide base if offers maximum drive down the line. The thinner tip, however, offers more pop off the lip to really fire you round your turns with ease. Still with the loose feeling of any twin fin, but now with a bit more of a directional spring to it aswell – a winner in our books!


 The ideal match up for any hybrid board. Insane acceleration and speed down the line, but with a slightly more traditional feel to them, this 2+1 trailer set offers a great way to open up the waves a bit more, without losing hold in more critical sections. The set back mini centre fin adds great stability and pivot to this set. A great set for use in a variety of conditions.


Future Fins K1 Bamboo

The traditional twinny. Best suited in a retro fish style board, these fins are the choice for fast, loose, carvy riding. With a huge area, and good stiffness, these fins will drive speed out of the flattest of sections before allowing the most stylish, long, spray chucking carving turn you've ever done. Perfect for small wave cruising.