Top 20 Gifts for Surfers from

Our Top 20 gifts for surfers is back for 2018! It's the only guide you need, we won't steer you wrong! This list is designed to be as little hassle as possible, no confusing technical jargon, just handy products for the surfer in your life. So if you want to make someone smile on Dec 25, have a scout downwards and make your xmas buying a breeze!

So - in no particular order - here the are!

Piss Off Wetsuit Cleaner- £9.95



P**S OFF (excuse the language) does exactly what it says on the bottle - it gets the... Actually lets just say its a super wetsuit cleaner (which it really is!). In fact it's probably going to benefit any Mum, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Granny etc who has to put up with the scent of a freshly surfed wetsuit, so this is really a present for you...


Sex Wax Christmas Stocking - £21.95



When your surfer is sound asleep, you can sneak this sweet selection of Mr Zogs goodness onto the end of their bed - so when they wake up at 5am (for a dawny) they can entertain themselves - leaving you to enjoy a christmas lie in and have a precious couple of hours to chill before the christmas carnage commences!!


Surf Ears 2.0 - £44



Surf ears 2.0 really are the jazziest ear protection in the water. These are some technical bad boys but who cares about that? You want a decent gift for your surfer, these are awesome. Surfers ear is horrible so avoid it. Protection is the key!


Phix Doctor Universal Ding Repair Kit - £19.95



There are so many repair kits out there, it can be really confusing - so lets make it easy. Buy this one! The Phix Doctor univeral repair kit works on any board and will keep your surfer from annoying you at home as their board is leaking!


Patagonia R4 Round Toe Booties - £69.95



We love the Patagonia R4 Round Toe Booties - Not just because they keep our feet super warm and make sure we can feel the board in the winter months - but also Patagonia's ethos of responsible manufacturing is something we all need to get on board with. Environmentally friendly and super toasty? thats what we call win win!


Xcel 5MM Infiniti Mitts - £24.95


xcel infiniti mitt


Simply put, The Infiniti 5mm Mitt is one of our best selling gloves for good reason. Lightweight but incredibly warm, It is a perfect gift for the coldwaterman or surf girl in your life! The mitt has great grip and the quick dry lining makes sure it won't be like putting on a freezing wet glove after every session. And at only £24.95, Im not sure why your're still reading!! get buying before they all go!


Sex Wax air fresheners - £2.95



Who doesn't enjoy the smell of surfboard wax? Have it in the car all the time, or until it runs out, which won't be for a while. Grab a few, whack em in a card, eat some pud, DONE.


Black Witch Wetsuit Repair - £6.95



A surfer without a tube of Black Witch about their person is like a dog without an master. Black Witch will save your wetsuit in times of need and provide a service little can duplicate. It's glue for your wetsuit basically.


Car / Van seat Covers - From £27.95


Car and Van seat Covers


The worst feeling in the world is changing outside in a frigid winter! Now, you can stop all of that! Get changed at home, and roll down in our car without fear of water damaged your car/van seats! Seat Covers are staples in our vans and cars and they wipe down easily too! So if you want to protect your interior from wetsuits or you just want to keep your car and van in good nick, rock one of these!


Barts Beanie - From £32.99


Barts Beanie


For before or after your session, or just beacuse you want to keep your head toasty in the frigid winter winds, the Barts range offer awesome comfort, function and style!! Loosely stitched, completely by hand the Barts range feature a pom and a warm lining that prevents an itchy forehead. These hats really are the business when it comes to keeping you outside when the cold hits!


Keypod 5GS - £26.95


keypod 5gs


The Keypod is a lock box system for your car. With keys being electric, you can't take them into the water so this badboy is now very much needed in a session and means you wont have to walk home in your wetsuit. Essential surfers kit


Secretspot // K10 Hoody & Tee - £35



One of our epic A-frames or K10 hoodies and Tee's for just £35?  Dont really need to say much more - other than these are limited runs, so get involved quick! Let everyone know where you rep, get maximum Chritmas kudos!


Surf // SUP Lessons and Coasteering- From £30



Our surf lessons, SUP safaris and Coasteering gift vouchers make a sweet gift for both beginners and hardcore watermen alike. From group surf lessons, to 1 on 1 coaching - SUP safaris and coasteering - where you will explore our awesome coastline in the most unique way, there is something for everyone. They're valid for a whole year as well, so whoever is lucky enough to get the gift can choose a time that suits them!


Secretspot Vouchers - From £5


gift vouchers


Sometimes its better to leave things upto the surfer in your life - Thats where currency of Secretspot comes in. Use it whenever you wish on whatever you wish. Our vouchers are non-expiry and are redeemable in both of our stores and here online. You can't get it wrong.


Surf Change Towels - From £32.99


Surf Change Towels


Reasons why surfers need one: They want to get changed in a public place and don't want to get nicked for it. Or they are filthy in a public place, want to get the muck off and want to put their pants back on without mooning passers by. Or... you get the idea!


We have a load of options from Booicore, Dryrobe, Rip Curl, Northcore, Robies, FCS and more!


Northcore 40 Litre Dry Bag - £29.95


Northcore 40 Litre Dry Bag


The Northcore 40 Litre Dry Bag for your wetsuit is perfect gift for all surfers! Dont let your car get ruined by your [or your boyfriends / wife's / dad's etc!!] wetsuit leaking salt water all over the place! This 40 Litre capacity bag is 100% waterproof and constructed from heavy duty PVC making it possibly one of the best wetsuit bags in the world. It also comes with nifty reflective patches for the dawn patrols in the dark!


Board Bag - From £32.99




A surfboard bag is a must have for any surfboard owner. Does your surfer walk out of the house without protection? A bag is needed then. We have a really wide of options on bags - from dy bags (for chucking the baord in the car) to triple wheelies (for the dedicated surf traveller) - so there are options for all budgets! If you need help picking a bag, take a note of the board size and give us a shout, we will help you get the right size.


Northcore Board Soft rack - £29.95


Northcore Board Soft rack


Sick of your surfer leaving wax and sand all over the interior of your car? Then this top of the range soft roof rack system is for you (or rather them!!). Designed for use on cars without roof racks or roof bars - simply attach them when needed (they have soft pads to sit the board(s) on, so you dont need to worry about marking your roof) and having wax plasterd all over the dash instantly becomes a thing of the past.


Wetsuit - From £19.95



A wetsuit is tough to buy - but what a gift! We have options for kids, men, women, summer and winter - as wetsuit specialists we are here to help you get the right thing. You would definitely be the #1 in your surfers life when they open a brand new wetty on Chritsmas morning!


Surfboard - From £99.95



The absolute ultimate gift for any surfer - a brand new board! We have a monster range of boards, ranging from begginer packages to boards that any Pro would be stoked to get under the tree (if you happen to have a giant chritmas tree!) and in the water. Why not give us a shout for some solid advice if you're not sure what to go for - we are all surfers and can totally help you choose the right stick for your VERY lucky surfer!