The Sci Fi Low Down

 Slater Designs - Tomo Sci Fi - The Lowdown


Since the Kelly Slater Sci - Fi appeared on the shelves in store at Secretspot it's created quite a stir. To date it's been one of our best selling sticks so far of 2017. Many folks would think that just because it has Kelly Slater's tag on the board it's bound to sell and is for the most part overhyped throughout the industry. Not so.......lets take a closer look at this piece of evolution from Firewire surfboards and Daniel Thompson.

A Slater and Tomo collaboration see's a mish mash of old and new pieced together. Firstly the construction is in Firewires patented LFT construction which they use in some of their more performance based boards. This is  closer in feel and ride to the much loved traditional foam and fibreglass revered by the top surfers and average surfers throughout. The strength and lightness of the board are unreal and as most average joes like us out there can't rely on a surfboard with a single 4oz cloth over it the LFT will give soo much more life than a traditional lightweight stick. Tomo has been unique in his approach to modern surfboard design introducing the modern planning hull and its with this in mind he has adapted into the Slater Sci - Fi . The top of the board sees a semi wide ish nose for ease of entry into waves but is sufficiently narrow at the tip for ease of duck diving . The bottom contour is design genius with quad concaves set inside the large flyer single concave which is designed to give an amazing amount of lift and speed. This contour runs the complete length of the board before exiting out through channels of the double bat tail - the double bat tail is designed to bring in what would normally be considered a wide tail, in essence it bumps in the tail significantly providing the lift and speed of wide tail board but the channels and break off point at the rear are designed to grip into the wave for radical but controlled manoveures. There is  many reviews and youtube vids on this so we wont bore you too much with it all .

What our customers are saying ...... the feedback we are getting from customers such as Karl Frampton from Saltburn and  Bod from Whitby and other local scarborough standouts is firstly the amount of speed the board produces underfoot. Whether its Tomos genius modern concave hull or a combination of the deeper channels and wider bat tail is open for disscusion but none the less positive comments abound from all directions . I had the pleasure of riding one at Cayton Bay bunkers a couple of weeks ago during a solid 2-3 feet swell early morning with a very low crowd factor ( just how i like it ). I rode the 5' 10 model as im 45 and about 11.5 stone , the litre volume came in at 30.7 and most of my boards i ride are around 30 litres and and at least an inch or two longer . The board paddled into waves pretty easy but it was the acceleration out of the bottom turn up the face that i noticed . On some reviews the Sci - Fi has been touted as too fast ??? if your an average surfer like me well that can only be a good thing and lets face facts without speed everything becomes an effort and over forced. It also held superbly well through the cutbacks i attempted and i have to say was a little suprised that it did actually live up to its hype. The extra volume was a blessing and the shorter length was great through turns .

A few days after penning this to paper the Sci - Fi won the SIMA surfboard of the year , a pretty big shout indeed proving its just not Secretspot making a song and dance of another latest whoop whoop model.

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