Protect Yourself This Winter - From Under £40!

 As the temperature drops, it is time to start thinking about making sure you're ready for the cold water sessions. An often overlooked part of this is your ears, if you have ever had or known anyone who has had surfers ear before, then you can surely testify to prevention being the best plan of action (take a look here from post surgery if you've a strong stomach, viewer discretion advised). 

We have tried many different offerings over the years, however when Surfears hit the market with their earplugs we were blown away. Now in their second generation with the 2.0, and also adding the Junior plugs in too, they have a size to suit all from the age of 4 upwards.

What makes these plugs so great is that to wear, they just feel like a set of in ear headphones, completely unobtrusive and stay in place without any uncomfortableness after hours in the water. They come with 3 sets of ear bud rubbers and 2 sets of wings to really customise the fit, however the really neat trick is how clear sound remains. They hold water out completely, whilst maintaining almost full quality of sound from your surroundings and no loss of audible quality in human speech - winner! No more  "Oh I didn't hear you" excuses after you've just dropped in on someone ;)


Surf Ears 2.0 - £44.00                                                                                                   Surf Ears Junior - £39.95