New Season Of Hurley



Following the success of his 2016 WSL Surfing competition win, John John Florence has been a great ambassador for Hurley Wetsuits and the Hurley brand itself.  As well as John John Florence giving the Hurley name and it's wet suits some attention, Hurley has also undergone some changes since being taken over by Nike.  The Nike takeover has given Hurley a new breath of life in the brand and it's products.  Most notably are the Hurley Wetsuits, with Nikes backing Hurley wet suits have got more flexibility, warmth, durability, comfort and basically as much tech they could throw into a wetsuit.  So here at Secret Spot we thought we'd delve into what Hurley wetsuits had to offer, and it's pretty awesome if you ask us.  This spring/summer we have stock of the Hurley Fusion Wetsuit Range including the fusion 302 wetsuit, fusion 403 and the fusion 503 all carrying the classic john john two stripe on the leg of the wetsuit.


H U R L E Y - F U S I O N  3 0 2  C H E S T  Z I P  W E T S U I T



The Hurley Fusion wetsuit series offers everyday performance without busting your bank balance. The Hurley fusion wet suit series are constructed with seamless paddle zones and Hurley's very own Superstretch construction for maxium flexibilty.  As well as the new superstrech wetsuit construction Hurley have also inputted it's brand new Hollow Fibre Design on the chest and back panelling on the wetsuit which wicks water away and insulates throughout offering long lasting warmth within the wetsuit.  Hurley also wanted ensure that the fusion wetsuits were durable as other competitors, the blind-stitched and interior glue engineering provides lightweight strength and durable wear.


H U R L E Y - F U S I O N  4 0 3  C H E S T  Z I P  W E T S U I T          H U R L E Y - F U S I O N  5 0 3  C H E S T  Z I P  W E T S U I T 




As you can see Hurley wetsuits have had a complete overhaul and re-design that is definitely for the better.  The Fusion wetsuits are amazingly flexible and lightweight whilst still offering warmth and durability.  If you're after a nice flexible, durable wetsuit this summer then look no further then any of the fusion series wetsuits coming in 5/3, 4/3 and 3/2.  If you any more questions on any of the Hurley wet suits for sale then why not give us a call on 01723867919 or swing us an e-mail at