New FIREWIRE Helium Construction/Chum Lee/Dominator/Spitfire


Massive Update: Firewire Helium Construction



Updates on surfboards come a dime a dozen nowadays, shapes and technology change all the time however Firewire haven't moved their construction that much in the last 5 years so when a change comes along, it's a pretty big deal.

Presenting the new HELIUM technology!! So what is it? Let's have a gander:

The Helium construction is a brand new technology which builds on the ever popular FST technology. Helium moves on from the FST by using a Entropy Bio-Resin which is far better for the planet but just as light and strong as regular epoxy.



The 8lbs EPS is ultra light, in fact the Helium is 15% lighter than the FST! This makes the boards super agile yet maintains an incredible amount of strength. Here is what Firewire have to say:


"After years of scouring the composites world (and countless dead-ends along the way) we’ve finally managed to develop an alternative sandwich skin material to the existing FST build. HELIUM combines this new composite with a redesigned parabolic wood rail that includes both Balsa and Paulownia woods. The end result is that HELIUM has a +15% weight reduction over FST, a slightly faster flex and rebound characteristic, as well as a higher breakpoint. This represents an almost impossible combination of improvements over FST, as in most cases, a significant weight reduction over an already light technology (FST) leads to a lower break point."


With the new technology comes a brand new board too: CHUM LEE.


The Chum Lee is new shape from Dan Mann, the guy who gave us the Dom, the Baked Potato and other favourites in the Firewire range. Some people are billing this as the new Sweet Potato, we would say this is more of a refined Baked Potato. When we demo'd this a few months back, we found the board to be the most responsive hybrid we've surfed, it paddles like a board 2 foot longer but moves like an agile shortboard. The Chum Lee can be riden happily in half a foot to head high and a bit without hassle but it's definitely more of a groveller than anything. With the unreal Helium technology too, the Chum Lee Helium should definitely be on the shortlist for your any and every day stick.


The Helium range comes in the Dominator as well:


So as you can see this new update is awesome. The Helium is a real game changer in terms of construction from Firewire.

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