Selected Entrants

Thank you everybody who has submitted an entry to the King Of The Point contest. It's been a hard task to have settled on maximum of 24 surfers. The remaining entrants will automatically become the alternates/reserves. Because of the large swell needed for this event to run we may have to call the contest on with as little as 48hrs notice. We understand this could be a problem and we are fully aware that if competitors will not be able to make it on the day, the spot will go to the first alternate on the list and this process will be replicated to fill the desired contest formula/criteria to make this event a success. We have taken into account comments on social media portals such as instagram, facebook etc..... but the end decision has been worked out by the elimination process of who charges in big surf and who is a regular fixture at bigger wave locations along the coast. We hope you don't feel left out if you are not in the final cut of 24, but as mentioned above there will be a very good chance many alternates will likely be in the event from others who simply can not make it on the day. In the rare event enough surfers dont show up, remaining places will be offered there and then on the day to any would be chargers who care to enter to officially enter and register call 01723 500467 and speak to Scotty.

Chosen competitors (By area)

Newcastle to the North

1.Mark Boyd

2. James cummings

3. Jesse Davies

Newcastle area

4. Sandy Kerr

5. Ross Hargreaves

6. Andy Choumandis

7. Michael Salsibury

8. Clifton Evers

Saltburn area

 9.  Evan Rogers

10. Robbie Hildreth

11. Kris Fairest

12. Sky Shaw

13. Josh Kidd

14. Nick Woodings

Scarborough area

15. Daryl Broadbent

16. Scott Rogerson

17. Tom Wilson

18. James Birchall

19. James Taylor

20. James Turner

21. Shaun Thomas

22. Jack Rivers

23. Mike Andrew

Whitby Area

24. Simon Stephenson


1. Gabriel Davies ( Newcastle )

2. Nathan Robinson ( Saltburn )

3. Joss Wescombe ( Scarborough )

4. Simon Day ( Newcastle )

5. Ryan Hammond ( Scarborough )

6. Stephen Cox ( Scarborough )

7. Andrew Hogg ( Scarborough )

8. Ben Tucker ( Newcastle )

9. Matt Jones ( Scarborough )

10. Josh Austin ( Scarborough )

11. Peter Dalby ( Scarborough )

12. Jack Chatterton ( Driffield )

13. Champ Thongpia ( Scarborough )

14. Cade Dickinson ( Scarborough )

15. Gareth Brant ( Hull )

16. Harry Davis ( Hull )

17. Gary Hughes ( Hornsea )

18. Paul Anderton ( world wide )




Entry is just £15.00 per person. Entrants must have registered and paid by 4.00pm on Friday 24th of February. To do this please phone myself Scotty at Secretspot Surf Shop on 01723 500467 before this date. If you have not submitted an entry and payment by the above date your available place will be offered to the first alternate on the list as stated in previous text at the top of this page. All proceeds will go to charity and be split 50/50 between the 'RNLI' and 'Surfers against sewage'. Secret Spot surf shop is not making any money whatsoever from this event and the prizes given to competitors will be from ourselves, Patagonia and Rip Curl wetsuits.
We aim to put on an event that is totally different and fresh from any previous contest seen on the East coast of England, attracting some excelent talent from up and down the coast and providing spectators with a great day of surfing in hopefully some pretty spectacular conditions. All in all - none of this can happen without you guys so remember to get your entries in on time please and lets make the King Of The Point one hell of a day to remember guys.

Contest Locations

Contest location 1- Cayton point is probably the no 1 pointbreak in Scarborough in our opinion and somewhat heavier than Cloughton. The point is alway best 2 hrs before high tide and 1 hour after . This only gives us a 3 hr contest window and the heats will be split into 4 x 45 min heats with 6 contestants in each heat. We all have to be mega organised and co-ordinated to maximise the best conditions here guys !

Contest location 2 - Cloughton is one of the longest pointbreaks in the area and is surfable 2.5 hrs either side of low tide so heats will be much longer with a mximum of 1 hour heats at this slightly more versatile location.

We are in Gods hands as and when this contest will be called on and due to daily changing tidal times we may have to select a third location if we can not maximise contestable surf at one of the locations. Ideally in a perfect scenario one of the locations will be used in the morning the other location in the afternoon ( or Vice versa ) . With about enough time to de camp and switch locations for both competitors and spectators alike . There will be no knockout rounds so everybody will get to surf twice ( once at each point break ) and you will be scored on your best two waves at each location. We have thought about this in depth and having run a similar event in 2003 we found many competitors struggling to catch 3-4 great scoring waves in the allocated heat time. There will be no limit on how many waves a competitor catches but we know from experience that patience and personal wave judgement will reward the individual ( its a long swim and a good battering sometimes out there ) For judging criteria and info please refer to ' King of the point ' home page and heat specifics link directly below.

So a big thank you to all who submitted entries as this event would not have got off the ground without you.

To officially enter and register call 01723 500467 and speak to Scotty . And remember all goes to charity.

Final word - If the event fails to run due to insufficient swell all proceeds will still go to charity , but all competitors will be carried forward as the next ' King of the point 'which will be happening from Autumn onwards with a much longer waiting period folks so everyone benefits here.

Thanks and i will hopefully speak to all competitors in the next 10 days.