Hurley Wetsuits - The Winter Range




Hurley Wetsuits are built for high performance surfing in cold conditions. The classic two striped leg is now iconic and the build quality is amongst the best on the market. So let's have a run down of the Hurley Wetsuits we have available now:



Hurley - Advantage Max 5/3mm Hooded Wetsuit

The 5/3mm Advantage Max Hooded from Hurley Wetsuits is a high performance winter wetsuit built for flexibilty and warmth. This fully glued 5mm wetsuit is a super flexible, performance wetsuit with a chest zip for easy entry. The wetsuit comes with paddle assist, rubber wedges on the forearm which force water whilst paddling. Click here to view the Hurley Advantage Max 5/3mm Wetsuit.



Hurley - Advantage Plus 5/3mm Wetsuit


The 5/3mm Advantage Plus is another high performance with the two striped design. Built from ultra supple neoprene, the Advantage Plus is an incredible wetsuit and one that could be used in the majority of the year in Europe. The chest zip ensures an easy entry. Click here to view the Avantage Plus 5/3mm Wetsuit from Hurley Wetsuits.



Hurley - Advantage Plus 4/3mm Wetsuit


Same as above, but a 4/3mm version. This Hurley Wetsuits Advantage 4/3mm is perfect for summer and autumn use throughout Europe. Click here to view the Avantage Plus 4/3mm Wetsuit from Hurley Wetsuits.



Hurley - Advantage Max 4/3mm Wetsuit



The Advantage Max is the same top end Hurley Wetsuit as the hooded. It comes with paddle assist, glued seams, ultra supple neoprene and the iconic two stripe. Click here to view the Avantage Max 4/3mm Wetsuit from Hurley Wetsuits.


When it comes to Hurley Wetsuits, we are a UK premier stockist and more happy to help you with advice when buying a wetsuit. We also have two stores in Scarborough and Cayton if you wish to try on one. Please give us a call on 01723 867919 for more information.