Boots – Cheaper Than a Trip to Bali



Boots! We hate having to slip them on, but with Winter time offering some of the best swells of the year it is sadly a necessity for us, and for sure easier than pulling a sicky for a month so you can fly off to the heat of the Ments.

Whether you need 4mm sock style or a 7mm thermal lined monster we have tried and tested them all to really know what we think works best, and first things first – if we stock it, we believe in it! The ideal boot is one that gives you warmth whilst not impeding your contact and feel through the board and hindering your session, so if you are lucky enough to surf on further south than ourselves then something like the Patagonia R4 Hybrid booties are well worth considering. Fluid welded seams, 4mm neoprene, and with a fast dry liner that uses a softer durable Supratex sole.


                                                                                                Patagonia R4 Hybrid Boots - £49.95


If you need a little more warmth and don’t want to break the bank as you don't rely on boots as a necessity every day in the Winter, then a good favourite of the shop is the O’neill Epic boot. Fully glued and blindstitched, with O’Neills flexy fluid foam neoprene, and at a price tag of just £25.95, even the most frugal of surfers can’t grumble.



                                                                                              O'Neill Epic 5mm Round Toe - £25.95



Another worthwhile consideration is for those doing back to back sessions, and not wanting to don soggy boots to kick start your session on a downer. This is where Rip Curl’s Flashbomb boots come in, at 7mm thick  their warmth is unquestionable however their trick is in the Flash lining. Not only does it add warmth but it is also super quick drying to ensure your next session starts with happy feet.



                                                                                         Rip Curl Flashbomb7mm Round Toe - £64.95



If, like us, you need every bit of warmth you can get then you for sure need the daddy of all boots – the Xcel Drylock 7mm boots. Re-designed (whilst keeping the same characteristics we know and love – fully taped and fluid welded seams with a drylock ankle seal) for this season with a better fit and including their new Celliant Black lining for ultimate heat retention. If you are a bit tougher than us, then they also do a 5mm option too. The best bit? With a single rubber sole, the feel through to your board wouldn’t let you think you’re wearing a set of 7mm boots!



                                                                                           Xcel Drylock 7mm Round Toe Boot - £85.95